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Relationship Counselling and Love

A New Look at Love, Fear and Hope Through Positive Psychology

Date published: 13-10-2010

According to the book Positive Psychology, at its inception, the field of psychology concerned itself very much with humans’ needs for happiness, and looked for ways to help them find love, hope and freedom from debilitating fear and limitation. But then something happened. Leaders in Positive Psychology make the case that medicine “hijacked” psychology, with both good and ill effects. Since money was available to study pathology, psychologists went toward the exciting advances of medicine and its grant monies, and in the process took psychology in the direction of studying mental pathology as well. (more...)

Love and relationships

Date published: 10-09-2010

How much are our feelings influenced by biology and how much by social experience? How do romantic love, sexuality, and attachment relate to one another? Even as I write this article my mind reels of my own lost relationships of those early years and too-short relationships of my patients who often (more...)

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