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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Practicing Happiness Together: Positive Psychology Exercises for Couples Under Stress

Date published: 13-10-2010

As there is in psychology, there are any number of books and resources available for couples to help them determine what exactly isn’t working in their relationships. While this can be useful, and might even be critical, the new and burgeoning field of Positive Psychology might offer a different strategy. Positive Psychology as such is a relatively innovative field in which leading scholars in the field of psychology have taken it upon themselves to inventory happiness. That is, they’ve decided to give as much attention to what makes and keeps people happy and thriving as traditional psychology has given to what makes them miserable. (more...)

Adolescent Binge Drinking

Date published: 07-05-2010

Adolescent Binge Drinking Parents throughout the ages have suffered numerous concerns about the behaviour of their adolescent sons and daughters. As the years go by, however, it seems that the causes for concern, not to mention the seriousness of the issues, just keep increasing. (more...)

Panic Disorders

Date published: 07-05-2010

For anyone who has heard talk of panic attacks but never actually experienced one, it would be easy to imagine them to involve nothing more than a slight and momentary feeling of fearfulness. When a panic attack strikes, however, the experience is, quite frankly terrifying and can often make people (more...)

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