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Relationship Counselling – The Myths

Date published: 07-05-2010

When couples and families begin to get into difficulties with their relationships, there can often be a huge amount of reluctance for them to seek help. Often though, their reasons for not doing so are based on myths. (more...)

Sexuality And Mental Health

Date published: 07-05-2010

Sexuality and Mental Health (more...)

Living With Someone Else’s Depression

Date published: 07-05-2010

Depression and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (more...)


Date published: 16-03-2010

Aggression is “any form of behaviour that is intented to injure someone physically or psychologically” Berkowitz 1993). (more...)

The self and Personality disorders

Date published: 16-02-2010

is the self construct the origin of depression and anxiety. The “Anatomy” of the Self Existential-Phenomenological Reflections on the self (more...)

Depression and anxiety

Date published: 16-02-2010

Anxiety disorders affect approximately one in four people at some point in their lives is a state of uneasiness or apprehension that affects everyday life. Anxiety can be manifested in a person’s thoughts, behaviour and somatic manifestation. A preoccupation with unknown dangers or fear of (more...)

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"Joseph is amazing. I really am entirely grateful for his time, patience, intellect and emotional support. Working with him has been life changing for me. Since starting with him over 18months ago, I have changed careers and am now on the road to pursuing my dream of starting my own business.He has an innate ability to balance logic and emotion which never ceases to amaze me. He sees through my “clouds”, thoughts and emotion, and gets a real sense of what I am experiencing whilst remaining grounded.He has a genuine knack of knowing exactly where I am and how to work with me to get the most out of me. Whether that be; challenging me, motivating me or sitting with me in times I just need to be heard.Joseph has a fantastic way of connecting the dots to my past which enables me to make sense of why I may be behaving in a certain way.Joseph is a kind and warm person who genuinely really cares. He is incredibly patient and observant. To top it off, he has a great sense of humour which never fails to lighten the tone. He has a diverse set of skills and has supported me across the board in my life from my work, to my relationships with self and others. I really enjoy working with Joseph and would highly recommend him to anyone."


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