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Relationship Counselling – The Myths

Date published: 07-05-2010

When couples and families begin to get into difficulties with their relationships, there can often be a huge amount of reluctance for them to seek help. Often though, their reasons for not doing so are based on myths. (more...)

Sexuality And Mental Health

Date published: 07-05-2010

Sexuality and Mental Health (more...)

Living With Someone Else’s Depression

Date published: 07-05-2010

Depression and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (more...)


Date published: 16-03-2010

Aggression is “any form of behaviour that is intented to injure someone physically or psychologically” Berkowitz 1993). (more...)

The self and Personality disorders

Date published: 16-02-2010

is the self construct the origin of depression and anxiety. The “Anatomy” of the Self Existential-Phenomenological Reflections on the self (more...)

Depression and anxiety

Date published: 16-02-2010

Anxiety disorders affect approximately one in four people at some point in their lives is a state of uneasiness or apprehension that affects everyday life. Anxiety can be manifested in a person’s thoughts, behaviour and somatic manifestation. A preoccupation with unknown dangers or fear of (more...)

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